Display Menu

Frequently Asked Questions

From the emails you have sent us over the last year, we have compiled a list with those questions that we have encountered the most. Therefore, if you encounter any problems with Display Menu, have a look at the list first: maybe you can find the answer right here. If not, please feel free to send us an email or contact us via Twitter.

I purchased the Pro Version, but how do I install it?

When you purchase the Pro Version through the in-app-purchase, the Pro functionality gets unlocked immediately. There is no need to reinstall.

I own a a second Mac, how do I install the Pro version there?

Install Display Menu normally from the App Store with the same Apple Account and select to restore purchases in Display Menu. You will not be billed a second time.

How can I check if I have already got the Pro Version?

In the menu, you should now see some small print instruction text about how to add bookmarks, and the menu item to purchase the Pro upgrade should be gone. Also, depending on your display, you may see additional Retina (HiDPI) resolutions.

Which additional resolutions will be unlocked when I purchase the Pro version?

That depends on your setup; if you have a Retina display, you will be able to access the same Retina resolutions that you can get through the System Preferences via Display Menu Pro. Some other displays may also show extra resolutions. We are in the process of compiling an overview over which resolutions become available through the Pro upgrade on some of the most common Macs. Generally, a good rule of thumb is that you will get at least all the resolutions that you can access via the System Preferences.

Is there a way to add custom resolutions to Display Menu?

Unfortunately, we have not found a way to implement this functionality in a way that is compliant with the Mac App Store regulations.

Can I get 16:9 resolutions on a 16:10 display or vice versa?

Some displays do indeed offer resolutions with a different aspect ratio than the hardware aspect ratio of the display. This is uncommon, though, and if you cannot access these resolutions through the System Preferences it is unlikely that Display Menu (Pro) will make them available.

Can I run Display Menu under OS X 10.7 and below?

Unfortunately, we can only support OS X 10.8 and above, including OS X 10.13 High Sierra.

When I change the resolution of a remote machine (via Remote Desktop) the menubar switches to black and I can't read the menu anymore.

This is a known bug of OS X. Some of our users have already reported it to Apple, and we hope that they are working on a fix.

Can I use Display Menu to change the orientation of my display from landscape to portrait?

It is not a feature that we support at the moment, but it is on our wish list.

On my 13" MacBook Pro, Display Menu Pro gives me a low-fidelity resolution of 1650x1050. It seems to me that the correct resolution would be 1680x1050. Is there a way to fix this?

On some 13" MacBook Pro models, the OS X window server offers that resolution to Display Menu instead of the correct one. Since we cannot change resolutions from what the system provides, there is, unfortunately, no way to fix this on our side.

Can I get a version outside of the Mac App Store?

Yes, we offer volume licenses (100+ installations). Contact us directly at displaymenu@milchimgemuesefach.de.