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About Display Menu

When Apple released OS X Mountain Lion, we were surprised to see the option to change our display settings from the menu bar gone. Even tricks like re-installing the original preference pane from Snow Leopard or Lion didn't help. So we decided to bring back the menu item that we all miss so bad! Plus we added a little extra functionality, giving you an instant overview over the aspect ratios of the different display settings. No more hunting for that 4-by-3 setting that you need for the old projector in the meeting room or the 16-by-9 for your LCD-TV at home.

How to use...

After installing display Menu from the Mac App Store, you can find it in your Applications folder. Just start Display Menu either from there or by using Launchpad. Note that it will not start automatically after the installation. Once Display Menu is running, you can choose to have it automatically start when you log in by checking the 'start on login' option.



Version 2.2.3 adds a link to the FAQ page and fixes some minor issues.


Version 2.2.1 establishes full compatibility with 10.10, including the new dark mode for the menu bar. And, while we're at it, version 2.2 is also backwards compatible with 10.8 again; this feature was requested by many schools and universities that still have a large number of Macs running Mountain Lion.


Some of you requested an option to set their Retina Displays to non-Retina resolutions, even if a Retina resolution of the same point size is available. Some find this useful to preview web content for non-Retina displays, some report that certain applications have performance problems when being run at Retina resolutions. Therefore, in the new version, we added this option to show low-fidelity alternatives to the Retina resolutions in the menu.

v2.0.1 Hotfix

There has been some confusion (and, unfortunately, some less than enthusiastic reviews on the App Store as a result) among our users about the 2.0 update and the Pro upgrade that can be obtained as an in-app purchase. Our intent with 2.0 was that the existing functionality of Display Menu 1.x is fully retained for all users of the previous 1.x versions. At no point in time did we try to take features away through the update. The paid upgrade to Pro was meant to only add new functionality, like full Retina support and bookmarks, on top of that.
That being said - if you feel that something is missing from your free 2.0 (non-Pro) version of Display Menu that you had before with 1.x, please write us an email (or tweet @DisplayMenu) and we will take care of it ASAP. We have re-written large parts of the code for 2.0 and have tested the software extensively, but bugs still happen - we are far from perfect. We also like to think that talking to us is much more helpful than just leaving a negative review on the App Store. Don't get me wrong: if you feel that a software sucks then the review system is a perfectly valid way to express that! The unfortunate part is, however, that these reviews often do not describe the problem in the level of detail that is needed for us to understand what's going on, and that we cannot get back to you to ask for more information. Big thanks at this point towards those of you who actually emailed us about their problems with 2.0 already: you have been a big help for us to track down some of the bugs!
Some users who upgraded from 1.x to the free (non-Pro) version of Display Menu 2.0 lost access to the HiDPI modes that are enabled via Quartz Debug. We have identified the problem and in 2.0.1 it will be fixed. The Retina modes that have not been available in 1.x will still only appear in the menu of Display Menu Pro (via in-app purchase). Please note that for new users who started using Display Menu only with version 2.0, all HiDPI modes (Retina and Quartz Debug) are only available in the Pro version.
For some displays, the bookmark feature of Display Menu Pro is broken: nothing happens when option-clicking a resolution in the menu. We have identified the problem and in 2.0.1 it will be fixed.

v2.0 and Display Menu Pro

We have streamlined the menu even more: when you have only one display attached, you will now directly see the list of available resolutions in the main menu instead of a submenu.
Display Menu Pro now lets you pin your favorite screen resolutions to the top of the menu.
For those of you who need a little more control or who would like to integrate resolution switches into your automated workflows, Display Menu Pro is now scriptable via AppleScript.
Finally, the most wanted feature: Display Menu Pro now comes with full support for all currently available Retina displays!
With version 2.0 we have added a number of great new features to our Display Menu software! From the large collection of emails we have received from you over the last year, we have distilled the three most wanted and, hopefully, most useful bits of added functionality and implemented them. While we are pretty happy how the new features have turned out, it was still a lot of work: apart from solving a number of technical difficulties, we went through a long design process to include the new functionality but, at the same time, keep Display Menu's UI streamlined and uncluttered. This is also the reason why we decided to bundle the new features only with the new 'Pro' version of Display Menu. The basic version that we are all familiar with will still be available on the Mac App Store for free; the Pro version is a paid upgrade that you can purchase from within the App.
If you want to have a peek at these features and see what you can do with them, you can find more information on the features page.


We have added a "Detect Displays" menu item for those of you who regularly work with VGA-based displays (e.g., projectors).
We decided to remove the "Recommend" menu item. When the software was new, we wanted you to be able to tell your friends about it. Now that so many people use Display Menu every day, we found that it is not really needed anymore.


Supports OS X 10.9 Mavericks. Still no luck, however, with an App Store compliant way to include the Retina modes - sorry folks! We'll keep bugging Apple about that...
More localizations, thanks to our users from all over the world!


We received some emails from users that were running Display Menu on non-admin accounts. Apparently, Apple's sandboxing technology in combination with our "start on login" functionality caused some problems for these users. We changed our implementation of this functionality to the way that is recommended by Apple, and now the problems should be gone. As a tradeoff, however, Display Menu will no longer appear in the Login Items list in the System Preferences.
Thanks to all of you that have pointed out some typos and grammatical errors in our localizations, these are hopefully more correct now!


Initial release.


We are using some of the awesome icons from glyphish both on this website and in our app. A big Thank You goes towards glyphish for making their icon set available for free!